Monday, January 11, 2016

New Music Video for The Not- It's! new song "Dance with Me!"

The Not-It's! are a really fun band to animate for. When I met up with Michael, he asked me to pick the song, which was really cool. I chose "Dance With Me" because the song is fun and catchy and even though some of the songs had better visual possibilities, I liked the message in "Dance With Me." It's an invitation to have a good time with your friends, I think anyone can get on board with that!

The video was photographed on a series of glass shelves, called a multi-plane.  The multi-plane has a camera set at the top, facing down. The glass shelves serve as layers that provide depth of field and allow for a foreground, background and subjects in the middle.

Everything was constructed carefully using painted thick Bristol paper. The puppets were designed, painted then carefully cut out. Each arm, leg, head, torso were cut out separately and stitched together using a needle and thread.

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