Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Recording the TORREY PINES Soundtrack at Hall of Justice

June, 2016 marked a milestone  for the Torrey Pines film. A host of Seattle's best musicians were on hand for soundtracking and extra foley. Several of the films songs are actually excerpts from Clyde's band, YOUR HEART BREAKS, but many musical incidentals were composed and recorded on the spot, making for a very organic and inspiring process. I witnessed true musicianship from Jacob Jaffe, Zach Burba, Kimya Dawson, Lori Goldsten, Corey J Brewer, The Beaconettes and producer, Chris Walla. All true professionals. I was happy to able to get in there and help with some hallucinogenic sounds as well. The whole experience felt magical. Everything just seemed to happen naturally and organically. Like we were all there together at the right time and place making something extraordinary. 

"Eff'd Up Ferry Tale" film at Bumbershoot 2016

"Eff'd Up Ferry Tale" is an (almost) true story that took place in the autumn, 1987. Things got way out of hand on the M/V Kitsap after an all ages punk rock show at Natasha's nightclub in Bremerton. Punk and Metal fans converged on the last ferry back to Seattle while over zealous security guards arrested a couple of intoxicated teenagers. A riot ensues during punk rock style rescue attempt and escape. The rest is history. Sort of.