Friday, February 1, 2019

new video: Heading Home by The Not -It's!

Very proud of this video.  Thanks to Clyde Petersen and Rhys O'Brien for collaborating with me.  My little nephew in law Jimmy Jim Gervais sorta inspired this video. He loves cars and trucks and airplanes, anything mechanical... and he's only a little guy. His grandpa was a lifelong Boeing engineer so I was drawn to this song when given a choice by awesome 'kindie rock' band, The Not-It's! Check out the video premiering today on zooglobbble. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Dehumanizers video for IKFR

Back a few years ago I made a bunch of puppets from aluminum wire and masking tape. The purpose was to make an animated video about the Riot on the Kitsap Ferry. I didn't know many details about the story, just what I had heard over the years. The following video is what I came up with. Somehow I was lucky enough to share the video at Seattle's Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival in 2016 . Thanks to The Dehumanizers and Dave Portnow,  I was able to use the song "Fuck Off"

Check out the video

The Infamous Kitsap Ferry Riot PARTY!

 We had a premiere and party for the 31st Anniversary of the Infamous Kitsap Ferry Riot at Nii Modo on Sept 29th 2018. About 100 people came out to see the short film and share memories. I spoke in front of an audience for the first time and managed to live through it. Later, word had gotten around about the party and I was contacted by KIRO radio. I was interviewed by phone for a special interest piece about the IKFR. Literally, while we were on the phone, the old building that had once been known as NATASHA's Nite Club in Bremerton was reported burning. The old punk rock venue was a victim of arson and one more monument to our OG punk roots has vanished. Check out the story here

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hooray for xerox!

I been trying to figure out what this film is going to look like. Will it look like Torrey Pines, or my other experiment with the ferry riot (puppets?) Will it be drawn in Flash or on paper.... claymation?


As you may know, there will be a zine released with the film and I want the zine to LOOK LIKE A ZINE! Like as much black toner ink as possible. Then talking with my buddy, I suddenly I get the idea.... the film should look like a zine too! You know that black and white xerox look? YES! So now my plan is to collect local zines and show flyers/ posters and animate them. Repurposed and totally LOCAL. 

I'll go ahead and promise not to get too HOT TOPIC with the "punk rockness" of it all.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Thee Infamous Kitsap Ferry Riot News!

This Saturday we'll be hanging out at the old Josephine space in Ballard, now called the Woodland Theatre. Kenneth Piekarski has his newly built Weird Sounds studio in there, and that's where we'll be conducting interviews for my animated short documentary. I'll be posting photos of the shenanigans soon. Members of The Accused, Dehumanizers will share stories about how the TDO changed the Seattle scene and led to several riots between police and teenagers.... including THE INFAMOUS KITSAP FERRY RIOT!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Infamous Kitsap Ferry Riot

"The Infamous Kitsap Ferry Riot" animated documentary and graphic novel.

The focus of this project, right now, is to add more context to the Teen Dance Ordinance as it affected the all ages scene from it's inception through to the ferry riot in 1987. I got a copy of the TDO from the City of Seattle and noticed that some of the very first words in the ordinance talks about police power. I've talked to people who witnessed brutality by police right after the TDO of 1985 went into effect at The Circle Jerks Riot at Gorilla Gardens in Nov 1985. The Monastery was in the news for it's reputation as a haven for teen sex and drugs, but Gorilla Gardens had similar problems as well. Right after the TDO was in effect, the police went in and shut it down forcefully by inciting a riot. There were a couple other incidents between police and punks at various locations in Seattle before the all ages scene totally dried up. All ages shows moved to Tacoma, Bremerton, Bellevue and Everett, and they also had problems after awhile. By the time the Kitsap Ferry Riot happened, kids had experience dealing with cops.