Saturday, February 4, 2017

Squid Knuckle

"Squid Knuckle" lives in the suburban housing development of May's Pond during the mid 1980's when latchkey kids were the norm. Tweens and teens are left to their own devices, experimenting with drugs and alcohol unwittingly provided by their own parents. It's about sneaking out late at night, discovering porn mags, shoplifting, running from the cops, and dodging creeps in the woods."

This is my long term film project. I'm still fleshing out the story. Actually, the story is complete, there is just no ending. I don't know if there needs to be an ending. If there is no ending, and the story just drops off, will it matter to the audience? I guess I'm feeling a bit experimental about the storyline itself, and the film may simply be a series of vignettes.

I'm hoping to have a vignette finished by Summer 2017, so I can pitch it for some funding. I don't need a lot of money, just enough to afford paper and paint and maybe pay some bills along the way. I don't feel confident about a kickstarter or gofundme at this time, but I'm hoping I can find some grant money to get started.

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